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All the performances, events and films just added to Stream; from brand new shows to classic performances and interviews from the archive.

Just Added
  • Bangarra Dance Theatre: ‘Salt’ from Terrain

    Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Terrain, choreographed by incoming Artistic Director Frances Rings, is inspired by the area of Australia known as Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, a landscape from where human beings draw life and express meaning to that life. The production explores the fundamental connection betw...

  • Lighting of the Sails 2022: Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground, 2021

    Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground, 2021
    By The Martu Artists And Curiious
    (Inspired By Yarrkalpa – Always Walking Country 2014)
    With Soundtrack By Electric Fields Featuring The Vocals Of The Martu Artists

    Two years in the making, a stunning new digital artwork, 'Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground, 2021', cre...

  • The Umbilical Brothers read The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears

    Join Australia’s favourite comedy duo, the Umbilical Brothers as they read ‘The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears’ written by Alastair Chisholm and illustrated by Jez Tuya.
    Jamie settles down for a story at bedtime with his dad. His imaginative interjections turn the traditional fa...

  • Legs On The Wall: THAW

    1 season

    A colossal block of ice suspended above Sydney Harbour. On it, a woman alone. Isolated on this frozen world, the woman scrambles to protect it from the elements and the industrial crane that seems to toy with them both. How long will the iceberg last? How long before the system collapses? Her fut...

  • Seconds to Stage

    1 season

    A video series which records an artist's final moments just before showtime at the Sydney Opera House.

  • Mary Coustas - This Is Personal

    2 items

    Mary Coustas, the celebrated Australian comedian, actress, writer, and creator of the iconic 90’s character Effie, premieres her most intimate show to date, This Is Personal. Recorded live at Sydney Opera House on 28 May 2022.

    This Is Personal is a candid and intimate one woman show that combine...

  • Side By Side - Effie & Mary Coustas

    Logie award-winning writer and actor Mary Coustas chats with her alter-ego Effie about the premiere of her upcoming one-woman show This Is Personal at the Sydney Opera House. Effie is not appearing in This Is Personal, nor does she have a show at the Sydney Opera House, she would like to know why...

  • Piano Day | Andrea Lam, Amanda Palmer, Ian Munro, Vatche Jambazian & Zubin Kanga

    Piano Day 2022 features an exclusive broadcast of new performances by classical, experimental and contemporary musicians including Andrea Lam, Amanda Palmer, Ian Munro, Vatche Jambazian and Zubin Kanga.

    Founded by Nils Frahm in 2015, the 88th day of the year was declared Piano Day - a nod to th...

  • Shortwave: Jazz Money | All a Homeland

    Shortwave is a series of new digital commissions, designed to platform a diverse cross-section of emerging or early career interdisciplinary Australian artists working at the forefront of digital performance.

    all a homeland, 2022
    Jazz Money
    Score by Zeppelin Hamilton

    Available Free

  • Ensemble Offspring | Composing Songlines

    Celebrating the unique music which has been created by First Nations Australian composers in the past 5 years as part of Ngarra-Burria: First Peoples Composers program, this special concert featuring the compact chamber force of Ensemble Offspring places these ancient musical voices reflecting la...

  • The Wendy McCarthy Effect: All About Women 2022

    Wendy McCarthy
    Hosted by Larissa Behrendt

    Wendy McCarthy is one of Australian feminism's heroes. She shares her remarkable life and achievements, and the lessons she has learned - and taught us all.

    From country schoolgirl to relentless national campaigner for women and children; from passiona...

  • We've Got This: All About Women 2022

    Debra Keenahan, Elly-May Barnes & Eliza Hull
    Moderated by Lisa Cox

    How do two parents who are blind take their children to the park? How is a mother with dwarfism treated when she walks her child down the street? How do Deaf parents know when their baby cries in the night? These are the challen...

  • In Colour - A Dialogue with Rising Artists: All About Women 2022

    Yeena Kirkbright, Aveesha Ash, Winnie Dunn and Randa Abdel-Fatta

    All About Women has partnered with Western Sydney-based literacy movement Sweatshop on an emerging writers mentorship program for women and non-binary First Nations, culturally and linguistically diverse writers. For the first time...

  • Ensemble Offspring | Composing Songlines Q&A

    A special Q&A session with 'Composing Songlines' composers and artists, led by Sydney Opera House Head of First Nations Programming, Beau James

    Yuwaalaraay composer Nardi Simpson
    Biripi composer Troy Russell

  • Side By Side - Ensemble Offspring

    Acclaimed percussionist and Artistic Director of Ensemble Offspring, Claire Edwardes sits down with flautist Lamorna Nightingale to discuss their careers and musical collaborations.

    Describing themselves as 'Sydney's musical mavericks', Ensemble Offspring is a small chamber ensemble of innovati...

  • Amrita Hepi, The Anguilla Pursuit (2021)

    Amrita Hepi, The Anguilla pursuit (2021), video. 4:31. Commissioned by Sydney Opera House and C-Lab, Taiwan with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery.

    The Anguilla Pursuit takes inspiration from migration of the freshwater eels, Anguilla ...

  • Su Yu Hsin and Angela Goh, Tidal Variations (2021)

    Su Yu Hsin and Angela Goh, Tidal Variations (2021), video, 14:40. Commissioned by Sydney Opera House and C-Lab, Taiwan with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan and Critical Path. Courtesy the artists.

    Using the lenses of technology, ecofeminism and the body, artists Su Yu Hsin and Ang...

  • Riverbed Theatre, The Weight of Things (2021)

    Riverbed Theatre (Taiwan)

    Riverbed Theatre, The Weight of Things (2021), video, 13:30. Commissioned by Sydney Opera House and C-LAB, Taiwan with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. Courtesy the artists. (Craig Quintero, Lynn Yeh, Kuan-Yu Chen, John Rommereim, Carl Johnson)

    Imagined ...

  • Charwei Tsai, Numbers (2022)

    Charwei Tsai, Numbers (2022), video, 16:44. Created in collaboration with Stephen O’Malley. Commissioned by Sydney Opera House and C-Lab, Taiwan with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. Courtesy the artist.

    Filmed across Australian natural environments and Sydney Opera House, Taiwane...