Sunnyboys - Live in Concert

Sunnyboys - Live in Concert

Experience the rush of Australia’s legendary post-punk power pop quartet Sunnyboys, as the original lineup returned for one night only to celebrate their fortieth anniversary.

Few Australian bands inspire as much well-deserved love as Sydney post-punk survivors Sunnyboys, and the original lineup – frontman Jeremy Oxley, bassist Peter Oxley, guitarist Richard Burgman, and drummer Bil Bilson – returned to the Sydney Opera House for one night only to mark the fortieth anniversary of their legendary debut EP.

Ascendant post punk stars of almost mythical status, Sunnyboys burst onto the scene with their four track self-titled debut – featuring their signature smash, “Alone With You” – in December 1980, before their break up just four years later appeared to consign them, sporadic resurgences aside, to the rock ‘n’ roll wilderness. Since their unexpected, emotional reformation in 2012, the band has become an unmissable live act, consistently delivering a set of classics (“Happy Man”, “Love to Rule”, “Show Me Some Discipline”) that have lost none of their searing energy or power to move an audience.

Marking the release of Sunnyboys 40, pairing their remastered, eponymous debut with four brand new recordings, this one-night-only performance in December 2020 is a joyous, life-affirming celebration of coming together and triumph over adversity, right when Sydney needed it most.

Duration: approx 90 minutes.
Recommended for all ages.

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Sunnyboys - Live in Concert

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