Accessible Performances

Accessible Performances

We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the magic of shows at the Sydney Opera House. Enjoy the selection of Auslan Interpreted, Audio Described and Captioned programs.

Accessible Performances
  • Festival Pass: Antidote 2022

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    Antidote is a festival of ideas, art and change.
    Recorded at the Sydney Opera House, Sunday 11 September 2022

    So much has changed since we saw you last. Disasters we can’t control. Politics we’re shaking up. Media that makes us grumble. And social transformation that gives us hope.

    Together, we...

  • Jarvis Cocker: Good Pop Bad Pop: Antidote 2022

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    A democratic, liberating vision revealed in a lifetime of objects
    Jarvis Cocker live and in person

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022
    Live-broadcast from The Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
    Auslan and Live Captioned

    The legendary pop pioneer opened his attic crawl space where he hoarded obje...

  • A Higher Calling: Antidote 2022

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    These high-achievers sacrificed successful careers in journalism to take up the rigorous study necessary to become medical doctors. What drives such a sacrifice, and how does it feel to be called to serve?
    Lisa Pryor & Amy Coopes, hosted by Norman Swan

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022

  • Olivia Laing Body Free and Powerful: Antidote 2022

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    One of the world's brightest writers investigates bodily freedom.
    Please be advised that Olivia Laing will be joining via video conference from Suffolk.

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022
    Live-broadcast from The Studio, Sydney Opera House
    This talk is recommended for ages 15+
    Auslan and Live Ca...

  • Where do we go from here?: Antidote 2022

    1 item

    What’s next for First Nations peoples and all Australians?
    Nardi Simpson & Nareen Young

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022
    Live-broadcast from The Studio, Sydney Opera House
    Auslan and Live Captioned

    With growing momentum to enact the Uluru Statement from the Heart, is a meaningful change for...

  • The World Turned Upside Down: Antidote 2022

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    How will the new politics change Canberra?
    Cathy McGowan, Adam Bandt, and Allegra Spender
    Hosted by Karen Middleton

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022
    Live-broadcast from The Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
    Auslan and Live Captioned

    The cross benches in our federal parliament got quite a bit...

  • Welcome to the Pandemicene: Antidote 2022

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    Global biosecurity is getting more relevant day by day
    Ed Yong & Raina MacIntyre
    Please be advised that Ed Yong will be joining via video conference from Washington DC.

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022
    Live-broadcast from The Studio, Sydney Opera House
    Auslan & Live Captioned

    The climate cri...

  • Take a guided backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House (Auslan)

    Join our tour guide Declan as he reveals the stories of this iconic building through history, incredible architecture and anecdotes.

  • Mada's Magic Marvels (Auslan)

    Recommended for ages 8+

    Join Mr Magic himself, Adam Mada for a digital magical experience like no other! Watch closely with the whole family as Mada reaches through the screen to make objects appear, transmogrify and even fly before your very eyes!

  • Yotam Ottolenghi | Keeping Cooking Simple (Auslan)

    Spend your afternoon with the chef who has made tahini and pomegranate molasses pantry staples across the world. Yotam Ottolenghi joins Adam Liaw for a no holds barred conversation, sharing the stories behind his iconic recipes.

  • Black Lives Matter with IndigenousX (Auslan)

    As the global Black Lives Matter protests continue, Australians have been challenged to confront the realities of ongoing racism and Aboriginal deaths in custody. Sydney Opera House has invited IndigenousX to curate this panel discussion exploring how state sanctioned violence is enabled and prot...

  • Guwanyi Walama | Kids Tour of the Sydney Opera House precinct (Auslan) | Age 8+

    Join our Indigenous narrators on a journey into the history and culture of Bennelong Point in this digital tour created especially for kids!

    Beginning from creation time to pre-settlement and the arrival of the first fleet, learn about the daily life of the Gadigal people and the land of Tubowgu...

  • ANTIDOTE 2021: Sound and Silence: Deaf Stories (Auslan)

    Deafness is a culture, not a liability
    With Fiona Murphy, Jackie Leach Scully & Alex Jones
    Presented at Antidote, 5 September 2021, 3.30pm AEST
    Tickets $15

    One in six Australians have some hearing loss, and our Auslan-speaking community numbers at more than 30,000. Deaf culture is thriving. Yet ...

  • ANTIDOTE 2021: Uluru Statement from the Heart (Auslan)

    Voice, Treaty, Truth: Indigenous rights and structural change
    Pat Anderson AO, Megan Davis & Thomas Mayor
    Presented at Antidote, 5 September 2021, 1.00pm AEST

    On the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 referendum, the Uluru Statement from the Heart called for Australians to stand for real chan...

  • Life: A Survival Guide - All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    Radical tips for finding peace among global upheaval
    With Mary Hoang & Christine Jackman.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 11:45am AEST
    Tickets $15

    Life is messy - especially during a pandemic. How do we survive? Our expert panellists are here to help us build a toolbox for mental we...

  • Men Who Hate Women - All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    Incels. Pick-up-artists. MRAs. The misogynists are joining forces.
    With Laura Bates.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 10:30am AEST
    Tickets $15

    Online trolls aren't just playing around. When the Everyday Sexism founder, Laura Bates, became their target, she went deep into investigating...

  • Sex Work & Feminism - All About Women (Auslan)

    Beyond the binary of exploited or empowered.
    With Tilly Lawless, Jules Kim and Chantell Martin.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 2:15pm AEST
    Tickets $15

    Sex workers are tired of being spoken for. You're invited to listen to these voices from the sex worker community and consider why ...

  • White Feminism - All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    How does consumerist liberal feminism leave women behind?
    With Koa Beck.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 1pm AEST
    Tickets $15

    White feminism is an ideology that seeks individual power over community wellbeing. Join author Koa Beck for a look at the racism embedded in much of the move...

  • How smart is Artificial Intelligence? All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    The hidden problems of Artificial Intelligence.
    With Kate Crawford.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 4:45pm AEST
    Tickets $15

    Artificial Intelligence systems are trained to represent, interpret and codify human beings. But does the process of classification itself carry implicit bias?...

  • Caitlin Moran: More than a Woman - All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    A feminist handbook for middle age.
    With Caitlin Moran.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 6pm AEST
    Tickets $15

    Ten years since Caitlin Moran's blockbuster memoir How To Be A Woman, she's juggling ageing parents, teenage daughters, and a bigger bum. How is one of our best-loved feminis...

  • Bell Shakespeare: John Bell, One Man In His Time (Audio Described)

    Presented in association with Bell Shakespeare.

    A special performance from John Bell AO, who founded Bell Shakespeare based on his belief that all Australians should have access to the works of Shakespeare in performance. In an excerpt from One Man In His Time, John shares his reflections on the...

  • Lighting of the Sails 2022: Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground, 2021: Audio Described

    The Sydney Opera House annually creates visual descriptions of the animation projected onto the iconic Opera House sails for people who are blind or have low vision. This year, the animation was a collaboration bringing to life the intricate painting ‘Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground, 2021’ in which ei...

  • Lighting the Sails 2017: Audio Creatures (Audio Described)

    Watch Sydney creative Ash Bolland's morphing, mesmeric artwork Audio Creatures take shape on the Opera House sails paired with tailor-made soundscapes by Brazilian electronic producer Amon Tobin. Be transported to a world of colourful sea creatures, vibrant plant life and a sleek, organic/mechani...

  • Lighting of the Sails 2018: Metamathemagical (Audio Described)

    Watch celebrated Australian artist Jonathan Zawada's site-specific artwork transform the Sydney Opera House sails into a series of kinetic digital sculptures. Metamathemagical appears at Vivid LIVE as part of Vivid Sydney 2018.