Accessible Performances

Accessible Performances

We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the magic of shows at the Sydney Opera House. Enjoy the selection of Auslan Interpreted, Audio Described and Captioned programs.

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Accessible Performances
  • Sex Work & Feminism - All About Women (Auslan)

    Beyond the binary of exploited or empowered.
    With Tilly Lawless, Jules Kim and Chantell Martin.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 2:15pm AEST
    Tickets $15

    Sex workers are tired of being spoken for. You're invited to listen to these voices from the sex worker community and consider why ...

  • Men Who Hate Women - All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    Incels. Pick-up-artists. MRAs. The misogynists are joining forces.
    With Laura Bates.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 10:30am AEST
    Tickets $15

    Online trolls aren't just playing around. When the Everyday Sexism founder, Laura Bates, became their target, she went deep into investigating...

  • Life: A Survival Guide - All About Women 2021 (Auslan)

    Radical tips for finding peace among global upheaval
    With Mary Hoang & Christine Jackman.
    Presented at All About Women, 7 March 2021, 11:45am AEST
    Tickets $15

    Life is messy - especially during a pandemic. How do we survive? Our expert panellists are here to help us build a toolbox for mental we...