All About Women Collection 2024

All About Women Collection 2024

All About Women is the Sydney Opera House’s centerpiece talks festival about gender, justice, and equality, held annually in the week of International Women’s Day. For over a decade, the celebrated event has filled our venues with buzzy, agenda-setting conversation.

Now in its 12th year, AAW brings international and Australian artists, thinkers and storytellers together to explore the big ideas important to women, gender diverse people and their allies. The panels are co-curated by three fierce and fearless women, Clementine Ford, Bri Lee and Nakkiah Lui, and led by the Sydney Opera House’s Head of Talks & Ideas, Chip Rolley. Our 2024 event will continue to redefine feminism and challenge paradigms, by exploring power, misogyny, sex, gossip, and identity, and tease out views about parenthood, consumerism, trauma and taboo.

We're inviting the All About Women community to gather, reflect and participate in interrogating burning questions - all to inspire curiosity, courage and joy.

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Recommended for ages 15+

All About Women Collection 2024
  • Yellowface - Rebecca F. Kuang: All About Women 2024

    Speakers: Rebecca F. Kuang
    Moderated by: Nakkiah Lui

    The novel Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang is a worldwide “zeitgeist” publishing sensation. When June Hayward's friend, the bestselling author Athena Liu, dies in a freak accident, June acts quickly - and steals Athena's manuscript about Chines...

  • Mary Beard: All About Women 2024

    Speaker: Mary Beard
    Moderated by: Bri Lee

    For the first time, Sydney audiences will hear directly from Cambridge Professor Emerita Dame Mary Beard in an event that delves into the broad range of her career - from the ruins of ancient Rome to the trenches of Twitter.

    No one is better equipped...

  • Feminist Roast: All About Women 2024

    Speakers: Jane Caro, Zoe Coombs Marr, Jan Fran, Michelle Law, Nakkiah Lui
    Moderated by: Steph Tisdell

    Roasts are normally a piss-take on an individual: a celebrity, comedian, politician, or public figure. But we're going rogue and our roastee is an idea - no, a movement: feminism.

    If you thou...

  • Wifedom - Anna Funder: All About Women 2024

    Speaker: Anna Funder
    Moderated by: Jemma Birrell
    When Anna Funder turned to her literary hero, George Orwell, for inspiration, she discovered not just that Eileen O’Shaughnessy, his first wife's, contribution had been ignored by his biographers but that Orwell himself had blatantly downplayed bot...

  • Who gets to be bad?: All About Women 2024

    Speakers: Steph Tisdell, Barkaa
    Moderated by: Rudi Bremer

    The conwoman, the sociopathic girl-boss, the apathetic sad woman, and the femme avenger: pop culture has seen a (BIG) rise in the female anti-hero. Yes - finally, we're allowed to be bad! But most of these characters are white women, lea...

  • Our Bodies: All About Women 2024

    Speakers: Maddison Griffiths, Tanya Hosch, Tara Rae Moss, and Grace Tame
    Moderated by: Jamila Rizvi

    It’s judged and pre-judged. It’s targeted and pursued. It’s loved and abused. And from almost the beginning it has been at the centre of our thinking about our rights and our freedoms. Join this h...

  • Influencers are the new public intellectuals: All About Women 2024

    Speakers: Hannah Ferguson, Mary Mcgillivray, Sisonke Msimang
    Moderated by: Bri Lee

    For a long time, the word 'influencer' conjured stereotypes of activewear and dubious hot takes. But it's 2024 and social media has well-and-truly revolutionised the public square. Today, the word influencer can r...

  • Is it time to rethink porn?: All About Women 2024

    Speakers: Chanel Contos
    Moderated by Jess Hill

    "Turbo-charged by the internet, porn today is ubiquitous, accepted and, for a lot of people, cool. It even has its own cute “corn” emoji on the socials. And in the name of sexual liberation, many embraced it in the name of celebrating their body and...