Ideas at the House - FlexMami, Ione Skye, Yumi Stynes, Tilly Lawless (2021)

Ideas at the House - FlexMami, Ione Skye, Yumi Stynes, Tilly Lawless (2021)

Our long-running podcast Ideas at the House comes to life in this filmed series of original, one-on-one interviews with some of the most inspiring women of the moment. Join the Sydney Opera House’s former Head of Talks & Ideas, Edwina Throsby, as she gets up close and personal with actress, artist and Gen-X icon Ione Skye, best-selling author, podcaster and businesswoman FlexMami, Sydney-based sex-worker and feminist activist Tilly Lawless, and popular Australian presenter and author Yumi Stynes. Each interview is a fascinating glimpse into a singular figure, and the work it takes to succeed on their own terms.

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Ideas at the House - FlexMami, Ione Skye, Yumi Stynes, Tilly Lawless (2021)
  • Lillian Ahenkan (aka Flex Mami) | Ideas at the House

    Entrepreneur, author, TV host, DJ, model, social media superstar: is there anything that Lillian Ahenkan can’t do? In this lively, inspiring conversation, Edwina Throsby speaks with Ahenkan – better known as FlexMami – about her path to modern stardom, delving into her unique life philosophy, ind...

  • Tilly Lawless | Ideas at the House

    In this candid one-on-one conversation, Edwina Throsby meets Tilly Lawless, sex worker, activist and author of newly released contemporary fiction novel ‘Nothing But My Body’, whose honesty and outspoken advocacy has earned her a dedicated community of followers.

    The wide-ranging discussion tra...

  • Ione Skye | Ideas at the House

    A Generation X icon, actress Ione Skye has spent a lifetime inside the world of music and celebrity – and has the stories to show for it. Edwina Throsby sits down with the vibrant star of Say Anything, River’s Edge and Gas, Food, Lodging for a conversation about her life and career, including her...

  • Yumi Stynes | Ideas at the House

    From her breakthrough role as a VJ on Channel V in the early 2000s to her wildly popular podcasts and best-selling books, Yumi Stynes has been a pop culture fixture on Australian screens and airwaves for the past two decades. Here, she chats with Edwina Throsby about her rich and varied career: m...