Outlines | Digital Performance Season

Outlines | Digital Performance Season

Outlines is a digital season of video works that showcase boundary-pushing artists and technologists who are rethinking the future of performance. Designed to connect physical and digital worlds, Outlines features artists embracing and disrupting digital platforms and technology to deliver new forms of live performance.

The inaugural season features four digital works from around the world, including two original Sydney Opera House commissions by Soft Centre x Serwah Attafuah and Omelia, and works from the Royal Shakespeare Company and Korea National Contemporary Dance Company.

Outlines | Digital Performance Season
  • Outlines: Serwah Attafuah x Soft Centre | Apotheosis

    A real-time motion capture performance, in which movement artist Lydia Kivela explores a hyper-real 3D environment created by Serwah Attafuah, accompanied by an original score, performed live, by ptwiggs. Inspired by the glaring neon ambience of Spring Breakers and cyberpunk, Apotheosis ushers au...

  • Outlines: Omelia | R+J RMX

    Technology is now sophisticated enough to write poetry and enter into intelligent dialogue with humans - but what is the role of machines in the creative process? Masters, servants, or just a different set of tools? R+J RMX is a performance work that was developed using Omelia, a revolutionary ne...