Something For The Kids

Something For The Kids

A selection of kids and families programmes from Sydney Opera House.

Something For The Kids
  • Footlights & Booklights

    1 season

    Join us for kids story time as artists from our stages read your favourite Australian storybooks.

  • Utzon's Universe

    1 season

    Inspire your mini-architect with projects from ‘Utzon’s Universe’, a book of craft inspired by Sydney Opera House architect Jorn Utzon. This 5-part series is full of how-to videos with fun projects for kids of all ages.

  • House Play - Creating Your Own Play at Home

    1 season

    House Play is a series for kids and families that shows you how to bring your own play to life at home or in school. Follow Ivy and Anthony as they meet experts from our stages - from the playwright, actors and director; to the creative team behind the lights, sound, costumes and sets.

  • Who's In The Lift?

    2 seasons

    Curious kids step through the giant doors of the scenery lift at the Sydney Opera House and meet some amazing people from the stage and behind the scenes.

  • Sweet Skills

    1 season

    Learn new skills in this series of "how to" videos presented some very talented young people!

  • George Meets the Orchestra | An Introduction to the Orchestra for Children

    George is going to meet an orchestra for the first time!
    He wants to learn an instrument – but which one?

    Follow George as he chats with players of the Sydney Youth Orchestra and learns all about the four families of the orchestra – strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. A perfect introducti...