World Environment Day

World Environment Day

We’re celebrating World Environment Day with a chance to go deeper into the spectacular icecapade of Legs On The Wall’s THAW, Fehinti Balogun’s urgent Can I Live? (accompanied by a poignant panel discussion), a fascinating look into the Opera House’s Artificial Reef Project for kids; and an archive talk from Antidote, exploring the urgent ethics of climate journalism.

World Environment Day
  • Legs On The Wall: THAW

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    A colossal block of ice suspended above Sydney Harbour. On it, a woman alone. Isolated on this frozen world, the woman scrambles to protect it from the elements and the industrial crane that seems to toy with them both. How long will the iceberg last? How long before the system collapses? Her fut...

  • Theatre Complicité: Can I Live?

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    Why don't we talk about it? Fehinti Balogun asks this urgent question and offers an invitation in Can I Live?, a vital new digital performance about the climate catastrophe, sharing his personal journey into the biggest challenge of our times. Weaving his story with spoken word, rap, theatre, ani...

  • Can I Live?: Panel Discussion

    Sydney Opera House’s Head of First Nations Programming Beau James is joined in conversation by filmmaker Fehinti Balogun, climate change campaigner Tishiko King and environmental researcher and campaigner Bhiamie Williamson. They discuss the film Can I Live? by Fehinti and Complicite, which explo...

  • The Artificial Reef Project for Kids

    Sydney Opera House is surrounded by water; the Harbour is kind of like our very own backyard!

    Like all backyards - it’s a place that we are responsible for looking after.

    But did you know 60% of Sydney’s harbour shoreline has been replaced by seawalls, resulting in small fish and animals losing...

  • Covering Climate - Antidote 2019

    How should journalists present the climate emergency?

    In this session from Antidote 2019, Kerry O'Brien hosts an exploration into the urgent ethics of climate journalism with editor and publisher Kyle Pope, scientist Tim Flannery, TV news anchor Desi Anwar & author and activist Anna Rose.