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Shortwave is a series of new digital commissions, designed to platform a diverse cross-section of emerging or early career interdisciplinary Australian artists working at the forefront of digital performance. Each artist develops a digital work that examines the relationship between performance-based practice and digital technology.

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  • Shortwave: Feras Shaheen | The Bop

    Episode 1

    The Bop* is a dance film created in collaboration with the general public.

    The Bop invites the audience to engage in a task-based dance project allowing them to explore their interpretation and experimentation in a public space without diverting far from their day-to-day routines. The Bop seeks ...

  • Shortwave: Riana Head-Toussaint | Animate Loading: 3

    Episode 2

    Animate Loading is a disability-led work that is in direct dialogue with the space it inhabits. A dynamic group of performers drawing on their diverse movement languages and embodied experiences to activate a space, bringing its seen and unseen dimensions into focus.

    First created on a rooftop c...

  • Shortwave: JD Reforma | Butterfly

    Episode 3

    JD Reforma’s Butterfly is a filmed performance that manipulates theatre as raw material. Embodied by two actresses, it pivots on the potent dynamic between the central protagonists of the stage musical, Miss Saigon and the classical opera on which it is based, Madama Butterfly. It traces the axis...

  • Shortwave: Nasim Patel | non-paradise

    Episode 4

    non-paradise is a meditation on deserts. It compares the myth of the desert as an absent place with white noise, the presence of all frequencies on a spectrum being simultaneously received by an interface. Drawing parallels between white noise and social hostilities toward the desert landscape, t...

  • Shortwave: Brad Darkson | Dream Job

    Episode 5

    Reddit: a website community for people to discuss any topic in forums called 'subreddits' or just 'subs'. In 2023 the 10th most visited website in the world.

    Antiwork: Unemployment for all, not just the rich!: a subreddit for those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get...

  • Shortwave: Claudia Nicholson | The Deep Rivers Say it Slowly

    Episode 6

    The Deep Rivers Say It Slowly is a new video work by Claudia Nicholson that borrows its form from the photographic slideshow. Slipping between still and moving images, the work revisits a collection of photographs mostly taken by the artist while visiting Central and South America for the first t...