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Shortwave is an ongoing series of short film commissions, developed by the Sydney Opera House Screen Program to platform a diverse cross-section of interdisciplinary Australian artists. Each artist develops a short work which reimagines their creative relationship with film and technology.

Shortwave is presented both onsite and online as part of the annual Outlines season, a playful, provocative showcase of artists that are embracing and disrupting digital platforms and technology to imagine new forms of performance.

The 2023 commissions included work by Brad Darkson, Nasim Patel, JD Reforma, Claudia Nicholson, Riana Head-Toussaint and Feras Shaheen. Together, they presented films that spoke to the moment, channeling dance, the internet, photography, disability, artificial intelligence and and experimental film techniques.

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  • Shortwave: Eugene Choi - A Burning House (2021)

    Episode 1

    Follow the pigeons into the nooks and crannies of the city, into the homes they inhabit even if they are on fire; follow the woman from China and the man from South Korea, and remember how they met in Japan; remember how they use to joke and dream in a shared language that is not their own, about...

  • Shortwave: Xanthe Dobbie - Eidolon (2021)

    Episode 2

    EIDOLON is a fanatical ode to the image - a myth built on fragmented histories. In the year 2000 Jennifer Lopez wore a green, Jungle-print dress designed by Donatella Versace, so iconic that she broke the internet and Google had to invent Google Images just to keep up. A few thousand years before...

  • Shortwave: Kalanjay Dhir - The best i can do is redirect energy (2021)

    Episode 3

    Help the artist’s flowery avatar polish a sheet of brass and receive a little neural reward! Every day, the Sun works so hard to convert matter into energy. Many experiences on Earth are contingent on this energy called sunlight.

    the best i can do is redirect energy (2021) thinks about the behav...

  • Shortwave: jobfit & Craig Stubbs-Race - mitifb(sorrynotsorry) (2021)

    Episode 4

    ‘mitifb(sorrynotsorry)’ is a poem/track that collages moments of pre-apocalyptic frustration, absurdity and cheeky thoughts. Originally created in 2019 at a 30th birthday party in the Blue Mountains, jobfit have developed this track iteratively over two years, the latest version released via Sydn...

  • Shortwave: Deepfaith - A Deepfaith Digital Odyssey, Act 1 (2021)

    Episode 5

    Travelling to a new Verse, we begin our story… A coming of age for this neo-outsider. A tragedy to some, a new hope for others. As she moves from her post-life-apocalypse. We extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to be their best.

    Directed by DeepFaith
    Music Produced by DeepFaith and Chr...

  • Shortwave: Jazz Money - All a Homeland (2022)

    Episode 6

    Our narratives are informed by the maps laid upon and beneath our skin. ‘all a homeland’ invites the audience on a poetic journey of place and self, an excavation of the identities in our built worlds and the ways in which we build ourselves against them. Against a vivid blue background sand, fla...