Talks & Ideas

A selection of Talks & Ideas events from the Sydney Opera House archive.

  • Actually Autistic: All About Women 2023

    Chloe Hayden, Grace Tame & Jac den Houting
    Curated and moderated by Amy Thunig

    Nearly 80% of autistic women are mis- or un-diagnosed - but every day we're learning more about this disability. Join our panellists to hear what it's actually like to be autistic.

    We live in a society that is only j...

  • Bikini Kill Speaks: All About Women 2023

    Speakers: Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail & Kathi Wilcox
    Moderated by Marieke Hardy

    The legendary 90s feminist punk band Bikini Kill are finding their music and ideas more relevant than ever. They join Marieke Hardy for an exclusive conversation about activism, music, and women taking up space.

    In th...

  • All About Women 2023 – Bikini Kill, Chloé Hayden, Grace Tame, Flex Mami & more

    All About Women celebrates extraordinary thinkers, writers and artists, and poses vital questions about gender, equality and justice. In 2023, Bikini Kill, Chloé Hayden, Grace Tame, Flex Mami and many more led lively debates in a program co-curated by Jamila Rizvi, Dr Amy Thunig, Jane Caro, and t...

  • UNSW Sydney UTZON Lecture with Jan and Lin Utzon (2023)

    Join Jan and Lin Utzon in conversation – as we journey through the legacy of their father, Jørn Utzon, the visionary architect of the Sydney Opera House. In a brief UNSW Sydney UTZON Lecture, Jan will examine the architectural brilliance of the building that has inspired a nation. This will be fo...

  • Brian Cox - The Evil in Us All: Antidote 2022 (Highlights)

    Presented as part of Antidote 2022
    Live-broadcast from The Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
    Sunday, 11 September 2022

    As an actor for stage and screen, Brian Cox has built a brilliant career on getting under the skin of tyranny. His depiction of the tyrannical media patriarch, Logan Roy, in the...

  • Ideas at the House - FlexMami, Ione Skye, Yumi Stynes, Tilly Lawless (2021)

    4 items

    Our long-running podcast Ideas at the House comes to life in this filmed series of original, one-on-one interviews with some of the most inspiring women of the moment. Join the Sydney Opera House’s former Head of Talks & Ideas, Edwina Throsby, as she gets up close and personal with actress, artis...

  • Yotam Ottolenghi - Keeping Cooking Simple (2019)

    Duration: 55 minutes
    Recorded at Sydney Opera House, January 2019

    It’s hard to remember what we used to cook before Yotam Ottolenghi burst into our culinary consciousness. From his introduction of bold new flavours and ingredients, to his consistent foregrounding of vegetables in his meals, Otto...

  • DeRay Mckesson - The Case For Hope (2019)

    In the face of violence and racism, how do we keep believing in change? A leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, co-founder of the Campaign Zero police reform campaign and host of podcast Pod Save the People, DeRay Mckesson places the idea of shared hope for a better future at the core of his...

  • Ronan Farrow - Finding The Truth (2018)

    One of the most famous journalists in the world today, Ronan Farrow's work for the New Yorker has been integral to the #metoo movement. As a result in part of his reporting multiple powerful men have been held to account, and millions of women have found a voice to call for a stop to sexual hara...

  • Nigella Lawson - A Celebration of Home Cooking (2018)

    Recorded at Sydney Opera House, January 2018

    Nigella Lawson knows that food brings people together. The much-loved home cook returned to the Opera House in January 2018 after a sold out event in 2016, with recipes and stories as entertaining as they are nourishing.

    Nigella covers everything fro...

  • An Evening with Stephen Hawking (2015)

    There are few scientists that can be said to have touched the public imagination. Physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking is one such scientist. Appearing as part of the 2015 Ideas at the House program, Professor Hawking joined us from Cambridge, via livestream hologram technology, for his firs...

  • Pussy Riot / Zona Prava - In Conversation (2014)

    Russian conceptual artists and political activists Nadezhda (Nadya) Tolokonnikova and Maria (Masha) Alekhina are founding members of the art collective Pussy Riot, who became a global symbol of dissent in Russia with their idiosyncratic blend of feminist art and activism. They were sentenced to t...